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The Robins Chiefs Group (RCG) functions as a social and professional organization established to enhance the morale, esprit de corps, and cooperation among enlisted personnel at Robins Air Force Base.

The RCG is comprised of Active, Reserve, Guard, and Retired Chief Master Sergeants, and selectees from across Robins AFB and the middle-Georgia community. Membership is also open to E-9s, and selectees, in our sister services, to include Active, Reserve, Guard and Retired personnel.

The RCG will provide a forum for its members to meet, share personal experiences and expertise, and assist one another. It may also function as an added channel of communication within the chain of command, between the commander, and the enlisted members at Robins AFB.

RCG is not connected to the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or any United States Government agency. The contents of this website are not necessarily the official views of, nor endorsed by, the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, nor any United States Government agency.

Did you know...?

(Last update: 22 Apr 22)

RCG to Hold 5K Run & 1 Mile Walk

The RCG will hold its 17th 5K run and 1 mile walk on May 26, 2022. Both events will begin and end near the Robins Fitness Center. Same-day registration will begin at 0700 with the run & walk starting at or about 0730.

The purposes of these events are to promote physical fitness as well as raise money to fund activities we support: the Robins Chiefs Group's Enlisted Scholarship Program, base-wide quarterly and annual awards programs, Airman/NCO/SNCO seminars, Community College of the Air Force graduation activities, Airman and Family Readiness Center programs, as well as activities in the local community.

There is no entry fee to participate; however, we ask that entrants seek sponsors to fund their participation. Sponsors can pledge either by the kilometer, mile, or by simply giving a flat donation.

Click here to download a participant's info packet. For more information, contact any RCG member or send an email to


RCG Will Accept Applications for its Academic Scholarship Program

The RCG will accept applications for its academic scholarship program within the near future.

Check back soon for the application materials. For more information, send an email to



Our Mission Statement

The purpose of the Robins Chiefs Group shall be to establish and maintain a spirit of comradeship and esprit de corps to enhance the well-being, image, and prestige of all active, reserve, and guard forces and retired enlisted personnel.


Second Thursday
of every month
1530 Hours
Bldg 914
(SFS Training)




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